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Terms & conditions set out below govern the use of services offered by Payomarket Company www.payomarket.com site usage. Users are advised to read carefully as they affect the rights and obligations of users under the law.

By registering and / or using www.payomarket.com site, then the user is deemed to have read, understand, comprehend and approve all of the contents in the Terms & conditions. These terms & conditions are set forth in the agreement forms a legal agreement between the User with Payomarket Company. If the user does not agree to one, some, or all of the Terms and Conditions, then the user is not allowed to use the service in www.payomarket.com.

  1. Payomarket company is an online site that runs business activities www.payomarket.com web portal, a site search Digital Product sold by registered sellers. Hereinafter referred Payomarket.
  2. Site Payomarket is www.payomarket.com.
  3. Terms & conditions is an agreement between the User and Payomarket which contains a set of rules governing the rights, obligations, responsibilities and Payomarket users, as well as the procedures for the use Payomarket service system.
  4. Users are the ones who use the service Payomarket, including but not limited to the buyer, seller or other parties who merely visited Payomarket Site.
  5. Buyers are registered users who make requests on goods sold by the Seller on the Site Payomarket.
  6. Sellers are registered users who perform actions open the store and / or bid on an Item to the User Site Payomarket.

B. Account, Password & Security

  1. User hereby represents that a user is capable and able to bind himself in a lawful agreement.
  2. Payomarket not charge a registration fee to the user.
  3. Users who have registered are entitled to act as:
    – Buyers
    – Sales by utilizing the services open stores.
  4. Users who will act as the Seller is obliged selecting options using the service shop opening. After using the service go to the store, the User entitled to make the adjustment to the items that will be traded in the window of a private user.
  5. Payomarket has the authority to close shop or User accounts on a temporary or permanent if found cheating their actions in the transaction and / or violation of the terms and conditions Payomarket.
  6. Payomarket has the authority to adjust the amount of store transactions, adjustment of the amount of reputation, and / or make the process of moderation / close the User’s account, if it is known or suspected fraud by users that aims to manipulate transaction data users in order to enhance the reputation of the store (review and or number of transactions) , An example is doing the shopping process to store own by using a personal account or other personal account.
  7. Sellers are prohibited from duplicating shops, product duplication, or other actions that may be indicated as an attempt of unfair competition.
  8. Users are personally responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account and password for all activities that occur under the user account.
  9. Payomarket will not ask the user account password for any reason, therefore Payomarket urge users not to give your account password to any party, either to third parties or to the parties on behalf Payomarket.
  10. User agrees to ensure that users exit from your account at the end of each session and tell Payomarket if any unauthorized use of your password or user account.
  11. User hereby represents that Payomarket not be liable for any loss or damage arising from abuse of user accounts.

C. Commission

D. Content

  1. In using any features and / or services Payomarket, users are prohibited from uploading or use words, comments, images, or any content that contains elements of racial intolerance, discrimination, degrading or cornering someone else, vulgar, threatening, or other matters which can be considered incompatible with the values ??and social norms. Payomarket reserves the right to take necessary action for violations of this provision, among others, the elimination of the content, moderation store, blocking accounts, and others.
  2. Users may not use the photos / images with a watermark Goods signifying ownership rights of others.
  3. The user hereby acknowledges and agrees that the abuse photos / images uploaded by Users are the responsibility of the User personally.
  4. Sellers are not allowed to use photo / image or logo Goods store as a medium for advertising or promotion to other sites outside the Site Payomarket.
  5. When users uploading to the site Payomarket with the content or posting content, Users give Payomarket non-exclusive, worldwide, continuously, irrevocable, royalty-free, sublicensable (through multiple tiers) right to exercise any and all rights reserved , publicity, trademark, database rights and intellectual property rights that users have in the content, in any media now known or in the future. Furthermore, to be fully permitted by applicable law, you waive any moral rights and pledged not to assert those rights against Payomarket.
  6. Users guarantee that does not infringe the intellectual property rights in the User Content uploaded into the site Payomarket. Each User is personally responsible for violations of intellectual property rights in uploading the content on the Site Payomarket.

E. Disclaimer of Warranties and Limitation of Liability

Payomarket is a web portal with a model of Customer to Customer Marketplace, which provides services to the user to be able to become a Seller or Buyer in Payomarket website. Thus the transactions that occur are transactions between members Payomarket, so that users understand that the limitation of liability proportionately Payomarket is a service provider web portal Payomarket always strive to keep the Services Payomarket safe, convenient, and it works fine, but we can not guarantee a continuous operation or access to the Service may always perfect. The information and data within the site Payomarket likely not happen in real time.

Users agree that you use the Services Payomarket on users own risk, and Payomarket services provided to you on an “AS IS” and “AS AVAILABLE”.

To the extent permitted by applicable law, Payomarket (including the Parent Company, directors, and employees) are not responsible for, and you agree not to hold Payomarket responsible for any damages or losses (including, but not limited to loss of money, reputation, profit , or other intangible losses) resulting directly or indirectly from:
– The use or inability to use the Service Users Payomarket.
– Delays or disruptions in service Payomarket.
– Negligence and harm caused by each user.
– Quality Goods.
– Violation of Intellectual Property Rights.
– Disputes between users.
– Defamation of others.
– Any abuse Purchased goods User parties.
– Virus or other malicious software that is obtained by accessing, or connect to the service Payomarket.
– Crashes, bugs, errors or inaccuracies whatsoever in Payomarket Service.
– Damage to the hardware of the use of any Service Payomarket.
– Fill, action or lack of action of third parties, including associated with existing products in site Payomarket allegedly false.
– Follow-enforcement taken in connection with the User account.
– The existence of hacking acts committed by third parties to the user’s account.

F. Release

If you have a dispute with one or more users, you release Payomarket.com (including the Parent Company, Directors and employees) from claims and demands for damages and damages (actual and implied) of any kind and nature, known and unknown, arising of or in any way connected with such disputes. Thus, the User expressly waive any legal protection (contained in laws or other legal regulations) that would limit the scope of the provisions of this release.

G. Updates

Terms and conditions may be changed and / or updated from time to time without prior notice. Payomarket recommend that you read carefully and check this page Terms & conditions from time to time for any changes. By continuing to access and use services Payomarket, then the user is considered to approve the changes in the Terms and Conditions.

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