Get commissions of up to 90% of the right product is Not Exclusive


Sell your digital work with the Community Creators from Around the World

Our service provider for you to sell your work, and create business opportunities with the results of your work to be extraordinary. Here, you create the product, and we are bringing the buyers. We make this website as a meeting place for Sellers and Buyers.

We offer 3 stages commissions that continue to evolve in the future, Starting from 70% in sales ($ 0 Р$ 10000)  and 80% ($ 10,000 Р$ 100,000) and 90% ($ 100,000 +).

You have full right over your product. you can sell your products on the market of other (non-exlusive). which means a product license is not binding on payomarket.

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How does it work


Uploading  Product

Upload your digital products in .zip format in pages (added products), complete with a very clear description, then add price, categories and tags.


Item Pricing

You have the full right to determine the price of the products you own, there is no standard price that you must follow, however, we were advised to take the survey refers to the selling price of your competitors.


Product Approval Proccess

We will immediately review your product within 24 hours (depending on the product queue entry).


The Rules

1. only sell digital products, such as microsoft templates and fonts.
2. is illegal to sell products of other people’s copyright without permission of the creator.
3. must not duplicate existing products.
4. We reserve the right to block or remove the product / user who violates the agreement.


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